High Gloss Acrylic

For a few years now, high gloss as a material and as a design element, has been a true hit in furniture manufacturing and furnishing. VIK-IVERALI as well as other suppliers of materials offers boards with high gloss applied on the plywood as a material-carrier which is reasonably priced for a wide range of customers.

The latest offer we are promoting here is the high-gloss Acryl applied on the MDF board, which truly has the finest gloss effect with a "mirror" effect, where everything is literally reflected on the surface of the board. This is due to the acrylic mass being applied on the MDF, which is much flatter and less porous than plywood, and therefore the surface is more stable and the effect of gloss is greater.

Acryl high gloss boards are processed in a standard way, sawn and canted without any special procedures. Canting is done with original high gloss bandings.

The board format is 2800 x 1300 mm.

The board thickness is 18 mm.